The Holburne Project

The Holburne Museum in Bath reopened in mid 2011 after extensive refurbishment, and a collaboration project between MA Design students at Bath Spa University and The Holburne was instigated in October 2011.

The Holburne Museum 1

The design brief for the students was to create something suitable to sell in the gift shop based on an item in the museum, the buildings and history or the associated Sydney Gardens.

For my project I chose four dates from the history of the buildings and museum and used these as a starting point for a series of purses.

Each purse tells a different story and will be exhibited within the very building they are inspired by.

The Holburne Museum 2

What happens when the final object is reflected back on the original influence?  Does the exhibition space add another dimension to the design?

“Meanings are produced through a complex social relationship that involves at least two elements besides the image itself and the producer:

1)   how viewers interpret or experience the image, and

2)   the context in which an image is seen.”

Practices of Looking, Sturken and Cartwright

Not only will the space and context that the object is viewed in influence the final meaning, but the experience of it as well.

Irrelevant of how I would like the final image to be viewed, the final audience will bring their own interpretation to the object.  Ultimately the creative process will end with their input, not mine.



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