The first date that I chose from the history of the building that houses The Holburne Museum is 1790.

In 1790 the building was being used as it was originally intended, as a hotel.  This was a venue for dancing, drinking, gambling, walking, and general socialising.  At the time Bath was the place to be, second only to London.

The Holburne Museum 1

When you arrived you entered the building through the main front entrance and walked down a long corridor that followed out onto a path in the Sydney Gardens.  At the end of the path a piece of sheer fabric was hung with a painting on it.  You could see through the painting to those in the garden, although they would’ve appeared as silhouettes.

The idea of looking through the fabric to the “silhouettes” on the other side is the main focus for this purse.  The shape and frame are based on what would have been fashionable at the time and adapted for today.

1790 Sample

The colours for all the purses have been taken from the colours found in the new and old parts of the building.


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