The second purse is inspired by the year 1874.  This is the year that the benefactor of the museum, Sir William Holburne, died.

Sir William Holburne

Sir William travelled the world extensively during this lifetime; predominantly to collect “things”…  pretty things.  He accumulated a huge collection of ceramics, textiles and things that generally took his fancy.  These items now make up the majority of the collection at The Holburne Museum.

The museum holds a copy of Sir William’s passport, and next to it is a display of trade cards from the merchants that he dealt with on his travels.  It is these items that have provided the imagery for this purse.

Detail of Sir William's passport

The original image has been photographed and then manipulated in Photoshop to change the scale and placement of the images.  This image was then printed and embroidered onto fabric for the purse to be made out of.

The trade cards influenced the design of the purse, and it is a flat card wallet.


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