The third date that I felt was significant in the history of the museum was 1916.  This was the year that this building first came to house the museum (prior to this it had been in a different building).

The idea of a museum is to keep things safe, so that you can view them and know they won’t be damaged or destroyed.  I started to think about other places that kept things safe, e.g. zoos and bank vaults, and the type of enclosures they use.

With this idea in mind I created a triangular shaped purse, with sheer mesh on one side, so you could see inside to what was being kept safe.  The item could be used as a purse, or a place for keepsakes, or a gift box for a piece of jewellery.

Unfortunately the device that held the photos of my samples has been lost and I have no images to display for many of these “purse posts”.




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