Mining a Golden Seam

The exhibition Mining a Golden Seam opened at the Woodhorn Museum on 14 January and runs until 13 May 2012.  The show is comprised of work from members of the North East region Embroiderers’ Guild.

Exhibition Poster

The thing that intrigues me about his exhibition is the theme: “aspects of the coal-mining life, its communities and people”.  They’ve taken what is an everyday topic and used it to influence their very unique work.

“Visitors will immediately see that inspiration has come from memories of everyday life in the old mining communities”.

Liz Ritson, Events and Exhibitions Officer, Woodhorn Museum

The coal-mining industry and lifestyle is one that evokes thoughts of a hard, rough life and dark underground tones.  However, this has been interpreted into intricate, bright works of embroidery; a very gentle art form.

“It’s hard to imagine that a dark, dangerous industry, where men toiled for long, hard hours deep in the bowels of the earth, could inspire delicate works of art made from fabric and thread”.

Liz Ritson, Events and Exhibitions Officer, Woodhorn Museum

Even the exhibition space adds to the theme, as the Woodhorn Museum was once a former working pit.

The full article in The Journal about this exhibition can be accessed here.


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