Your Point of View

The HSBC advertising campaign, Your Point of View, was created by JWT to demonstrate the belief that “difference creates value”.

The advertisements illustrate the idea that everyone has a different point of view; that they are shaped by their culture, upbringing, religion, education… and these influences combine to create their unique view.

HSBC Advertisement 1

HSBC Advertisement 2

As an artist/designer/maker you will create an object to communicate a particular message to the audience.  Do they have the same background as you?  Will they view the final object under the same influences?  Based on HSBC’s belief that “difference creates value”, perhaps the contribution by the viewer adds to the object rather than detracting from it, even if it is different from how you intended it.

The way that you see things is not the same as the way others view the world; only you see what you see…


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