Ekta Kaul

I recently came across the work of Ekta Kaul.

Her work “embraces the imperfections of the handmade” through embroidered and hand printed images.  She works mainly with silk, pashminas and linen, and is inspired by lines, grids, text and maps.

The detail on some of Ekta Kaul’s interior products is similar to the images I produced with the stitched images on heat transfer paper.  The looped, uneven nature of her stitching is something I’d like to try and replicate with the heat transfer technique, as well as investigating the use of particular stitches (e.g. French knots).

Ekta Kaul, cushion

Ekta Kaul, cushion detail

Ekta Kaul uses an inter-disciplinary approach to her work, particularly with the aerialscapes that she produces from photographs of fields.  The final pieces are made from silk and show parallel marks in embroidered and needle punched lines.

Ekta Kaul, aerialscape

The handmade aesthetic is an important aspect of her work, and is something that I’d like to maintain in my work.  Although this is a consideration that is difficult for many designers; how do you achieve a balance between producing items for sale in a timely manner that also allows you to continue designing?  Do you need to be making the items yourself to maintain the integrity of the handmade aesthetic?  I don’t know the answer, although I’m sure this topic will crop up again later in another post…


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