Confessions of a Designer

Anneke Short is a cross discipline designer who has created a series of posters that illustrate designer’s responses to customer’s perceptions of what designers “do”.

“This project is a collection of quotes that I have either found myself thinking or that I have heard my designer friends say, often on more than one occasion.”  Anneke Short

The posters are predominately focused towards graphic/web design although some are very relevant for textile design too and I found myself nodding in agreement as I read through them.

I’ve selected a few to share with you here, although the full range can be seen on Anneke’s blog.

Replace "packaging" with thread, stitch, knit, weave...

I’m sure there is a misconception in what people “see” for most professions, although textile design seems to be particularly vague to most…  we are constantly asked, “so, you make clothes then?”  No.


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