Can we believe what we see?

There are times when we “can’t believe our eyes!” because what we “see” is unbelievable.  But what are you seeing though?  Is it really unbelievable, or is it possible your perception has been manipulated to make you think you’re seeing something unbelievable?

Dr Holly Bridge is a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the University of Oxford Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB) Centre.  Her work focuses on how visual information is processed in the human brain, for those with normal and abnormal vision.  Input from both eyes is what allows us a perception of depth, but can this be altered?

“Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) I am looking at how different visual areas contribute to the computation of depth, and how this changes in subjects who are lacking in depth perception.”  Dr Holly Bridge

The French photographer, Laurent Laveder, has found another, slightly more whimsical, way of altering our perception of depth.  Using a few carefully placed props and some clever photography, a familiar object is seen as being considerably closer than usual…

Moon Photography 1

Moon Photography 2

Moon Photography 3

Moon Photography 4

Moon Photography 5

Moon Photography 6

Moon Photography 7

Moon Photography 8

Moon Photography 9

So, yes – it does appear that our perception of depth can be altered, and with less manipulation than perhaps first thought.  Unbelievable!


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