Fashion: To Farming and Back

“Fashion: To Farming and Back” was an in conversation event with Roger Saul as part of Bath in Fashion.

2014-08-13 09.32.20-1

Roger Saul is the founder of Mulberry, and it was eye-opening to hear him talk about the different twists and turns of his career.  He started off making leather belts and selling them to boutiques in London, and this entrepreneurial spirit was a common theme throughout the evening.

While Roger has been involved in many businesses since Mulberry (including Charlton House Hotel, Kilver Court Designer Village, Bottletop (charity) and Sharpham Park farm), these are all linked by the fact he’s successfully entered new markets and industries, learning along the way and succeeding.  The key message for me was that you need to plan and persevere to be successful, and, sometimes, what appear to be risks are opportunities in disguise.


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