What do others see through your eye-wear?

Yesterday I watched the Olympic torch procession as it made its way along the Royal Crescent in Bath.  Not only was this a memorable day as we saw history in the making, it was also one of the warmest days so far in a fairly gloomy summer.

There were four of us in our group and, as it was a bright, sunny day, we all reached into handbags to delve below the gloves and umbrellas to find our sunglasses.  It was interesting to note that while we are all students on the MA in textile design at Bath Spa University, our choice in eye-wear couldn’t have been more different… and probably told a lot about us, our tastes and our personalities.


Aside from the obvious protection from the sun, wearing sunglasses gives a degree of protection against people seeing your emotion, what you’re looking at or perhaps even if you’re awake… but maybe they actually give a greater insight into your tastes and cultural identity.

What do people see about you when they look through your eye-wear?



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