What was that?!

International Yarn Bombing Day and World Wide Knit in Public Day both fell on 9 June this year (yes, they are both actual days!).

There were many groups of knitters out in public showing their skills, joining with others to enjoy their solitary pastime.  There were also the stealthy ones, who displayed their work in the dead of night for others to come across the next morning.

A local group, Knit Corsham, put up a great display of yarn bombing for International Yarn Bombing Day and it stayed up for the duration of the Corsham Festival.

Some of knitting on show was quite subtle…

Corsham Lampost 1

Although it was hard to miss this guy…

Corsham Fence

They weren’t shy about owning up to who was behind it all…

Knit Corsham

Corsham Lampost 2

The Goldfish Bowl Gallery lived up to its name…

Fish 1

Fish 2

Corsham Building

There is also a short video from the BBC about the events in Corsham:

Did you notice anything out of the ordinary on 9 June this year when you were out and about?  Did you have cause to think “what was that..?”.


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