Knitting Podcasts

In the final weeks and months of my MA, I was mostly knitting… in the morning, after lunch, in the evening and into the small hours of the morning.

I’d lovingly designed creations in miniature that were just begging to be made into life-size garments to be shown at our final show. However, while the small, miniature versions were reasonably quick and easy to produce, the full size versions were another story altogether… and with a deadline fast approaching, I had no choice but to knit like the wind!

Aside from the obvious perils of marathon knitting sessions (namely repetitive strain injury), there was the dilemma of what to listen to while I was knitting for hours on end. Music and TV sufficed for short periods of time only; I found music to be a bit isolating (I wanted a bit of chat) and TV was distracting. Then I stumbled into the world of knitting podcasts. Yes, that’s right – people podcast about knitting!

My favourite knitting podcast is Electric Sheep (available on iTunes) by Hoxton Handmade. The general format of the podcast is an essay, an update on recent knitting and perhaps a review of a new pattern book, equipment or yarn and the occasional film.

Electric Sheep logo

Electric Sheep logo

I imagine that most people would listen to the most recent podcast each week, and then wait for the next instalment the following week. As I’d downloaded all of the podcasts to keep me company as I knit beyond the witching hour, I had to wait mere minutes to find out what happened next…

I found myself nodding along in agreement as I heard tales of events she’d been to, weather we’d both encountered (the podcast is English, so weather does feature a lot) and laughing at her descriptions of day-to-day frustrations and beards. There were also things that were of interest (knitting or otherwise) that I’d scribble down in my notebook to look up later, or, if my laptop was to hand, would cause me to stop and find the blog/video/pattern on the internet straight away.

After completing my MA, I continued to listen to the podcast and very quickly came to the end of my downloads. Now I have to wait for the next instalment, just like everyone else.

Thank you to Hoxton Handmade for the entertainment and company your podcasts provided while I was knitting my way to an MA and early arthritis.


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