Coat, Wrap, Cover – reflections

After what feels like months of planning, our exhibition is now over. What did I learn from curating and project managing a show?

What didn’t go so well

The opening night and final weekend had good attendance and we all received positive feedback on our work.  The gallery didn’t receive as many visitors as expected during the week though.  This was disappointing for two reasons; we didn’t get the exposure we were hoping for, and it made for a very long, dull day for the invigilator.

There was some confusion with the Bath in Fashion office as to which brochure our listing was going in (it ended up in a small, not as widely circulated events pamphlet) and this may have contributed to the lack of visitors to the gallery.  However, we as individuals and the gallery did publicise and promote the event, so it’s hard to tell how much of an impact the Bath in Fashion brochure mix up had.

What went well

The gallery, 44AD, is a good space and the owner is very accommodating.  We were very lucky to get such a central venue for the week of Bath in Fashion (and the price was good too!).

The poster and programme we produced were of a high standard and very visually appealing.

All exhibitors received positive feedback on their work and have a few leads to follow up.

The exhibition was produced on time and on budget.  We had very limited financial resources for this show, and I believe we put together a professional exhibition that wasn’t out of place during Bath in Fashion.

What I’d do differently next time

  • Delegate tasks and don’t try to do everything myself
  • Set firmer deadlines for exhibitors to adhere to (and enforce them!)
  • Obtain a non-refundable deposit from exhibitors before the show to ensure commitment

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of putting on a show and, with a few tweaks to the process, would do it again.


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