Liberty London Girl

The only event I attended during Bath in Fashion (other than my own exhibition) was a talk by Liberty London Girl.

Admittedly I hadn’t booked the ticket in advance as I was too busy with our show, but once I heard there were still tickets available the day before booked one fairly promptly (and the free goodie bag didn’t hurt either!).

I was aware of the blog, but didn’t really know what to expect at the talk.  It was billed as “an evening in conversation with blogger, journalist, broadcaster, media consultant and all round fashion expert Liberty London Girl” and I was pleasantly surprised.

Liberty London Girl (LLG) was charismatic, passionate, enthusiastic and most of all, honest.  She told stories of when she was living the high-life (as a journalist, stylist or editor for various magazines) and when she was down-and-out (unemployed and apparently “unemployable” due to her eclectic range of skills).  There was humour and the evening was very light-hearted.

She was easy to hear and had a great voice to listen to, although with an usual accent after living in both the UK and USA (her speech was peppered with a mixture of English and American words too).

Her tips for anyone writing a blog were:

  • Tell your readers 20% but make them feel like they know 80% of you (and I’m sure this was the case with what she “revealed” during the talk too).
  • Use a fake name if you’re sharing details of your life.  She goes by the name of Sasha, although this is a family name and not her actual name.

I particularly liked the angle of being “unemployable” due to her skill set (and then turning this to her advantage), as I too have acquired a random set of skills.  After initially studying fashion design at university, then travelling for many years and working in admin, projects and internal communications for financial institutions am now returning to textile design.  I’m not sure how they all tie in together and am often met with a puzzled look when I tell people where I work now, and what I’m doing “on the side”.  I’m sure it will all work out in the end though, just like it did for LLG…


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