SIT Select Talk Postponed

I was due to attend a series of talks on Saturday as part of Stroud International Textiles’ (SIT) Select festival.

While the main reason for the talks being cancelled was illness, a secondary reason contributing to the decision was the low ticket sales.

I had noticed they were still heavily promoting the talks throughout the week leading up to the talks, and I wondered if ticket sales had been less than expected (and now know this to be true), but… why were the ticket sales so poor?

Date and time

The talks were held on a Saturday, which generally allows most people to attend (assuming attendees work weekdays rather than weekends). The start time of 11am would also allow for travel to the venue if you’re from out of town.


The talks were sold as individual sessions or as a whole day ticket. Personally, I thought the individual session prices were a little high, but the full day ticket price was a bargain! If you’re willing to make the effort to attend a talk of this nature, whether you’re in the textile industry or just out of interest, I expect the full day ticket would’ve appealed to most. For the textile students out there, they offered a further reduced price.


As the talks have been postponed, I’m unable to comment on the content of the talks… however what was advertised certainly piqued my interest; the speakers were industry leaders talking about relevant and stimulating topics.

Overall, this appears to be a formula for a well-attended series of talks. I’m looking forward to joining at a later date, once the presenters are back to full health and a new date is confirmed. Will you be there too?


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