shiftWorks has launched!

After months of work behind the scenes to organise funding, venues, exhibitors, workshops and, essentially, the design brief, we have LAUNCHED!

On Friday 1 May the shiftWorks project officially launched on social media with a call out to the public to submit images of their favourite shift dresses.  These images will be shown alongside the shift dresses we at seam are making to highlight the 50 year journey the shift dress has taken, from radical newcomer to mainstay of fashionable dress.

If you’d like to get involved and submit an image of your favourite shift dress, you can find out more here.

So what is shiftWorks?  The project is a celebration of 50 years of the shift dress.  We will be using the shift dress as a platform to showcase the different disciplines of each of the makers within the seam collective.  We range from embroiderers to weavers to knitters, to more non-traditional textile practices involving plastics and tufting!  There really will be something to interest everyone.

Our first exhibition will be in Yeovil and then we’re moving to Cheltenham.  Do keep checking the website for further venues though, as we are close to finalising additional venues, and we’ll see you there!


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