New Year, Fresh Start


I hope you’re all well and enjoyed time with family and friends over the Christmas break. For me, the start of the year is always a bit of a new beginning, probably because it was also the start of a new school year growing up in New Zealand. I like to think about the things I’ve achieved over the last 12 months and look ahead to what I’d like to do in the coming months. I’ve been doing this since I was about 15, and still record my goals for the coming year in a little grey notebook (and tick them off later once complete). It’s great to have this record of the things I’ve aspired to do, and achieved, and to see how the goals have evolved over time (it’s also interesting to see consistent themes emerge, although the individual goals change over time).

In my corporate life people view me as a “completer-finisher”; someone who starts something, finishes it, then moves onto the next thing. Perhaps because it’s expected of me and I’m being paid for it, that’s what I do. However, at home with my own projects there is a different reality. I’m more of a “starter-ooh look at that-get distracted-may or may not ever come back to said project” type of person. I often need external deadlines to help motivate me.

So, 2016 is going to be my year of finishing projects! I am going to attempt to complete at least one project a month from the stash I have in my studio. Some projects have been started, some are nearly finished, and some are just materials still in the bag from the shop I bought them from.

Having recently taken off my corporate heels and traded in my trouser suit for more relaxed and creative endeavours, my year of finishing projects also ties in nicely with this (and the reduced budget I’m trying to stick to!)

I want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience, although have set myself a couple of guidelines:

  • To finish at least one project each month
  • To go shopping in my studio for materials if I do have a sudden urge to create something completely new (I think this is the one I’ll struggle with the most!)
  • To work on the projects during evenings and weekends, in an attempt to reduce the amount of screen time I’m exposed to

These items are my personal craft projects rather than my own designs, although there may be ideas that crossover between the two.

Now that I’ve shared the goals for my year of finishing projects with you, I have an external deadline too. I’m very much looking forward to working on the individual pieces and seeing what this produces! Let’s get started…

Do let me know if you have a New Year ritual of goal setting too!


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