March Meet the Maker


During March I participated in the Instagram challenge, #marchmeetthemaker. Joanne Hawker started the challenge in 2016 with the aim of helping small businesses to share a bit more about themselves as makers, to tell the story behind their brand and give some insight into the hard work that goes into being an independent designer-maker.

The prompts were refreshed for 2017, ensuring it was engaging and relevant even if you took part in the first challenge last year. The free planner was really useful and helped you to think ahead about what you might post, especially if you needed to prepare an image.


I can be a bit hit and miss with my Instagram posts, so I took part for encouragement to post daily and also to connect with other makers out there.  The prompts really helped to think about what I do in a different way, and how I could share some of the more everyday elements of my practice with those on Instagram.

I’m pleased to say that the challenge helped me to gain more followers, reach a new audience with the hashtag #marchmeetthemaker, and raise my average number of ‘likes’ per post. I also have a better understanding of the types of post that engage with my audience. However, the best thing about it has been to see into the lives, motivations and studios of fellow makers; we really are an inspiring bunch of creatives.


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