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This time of year is often associated with a ‘new year, new you’ mentality and the perception that to be better versions of ourselves we need to REDUCE everything from sugar to alcohol to the time we spend sitting on the couch. This in turn generally makes everyone miserable, and it’s compounded by the fact it’s dark and cold during January in the UK.

So I’m turning this idea on its head and saying for 2018 let’s INCREASE our attendance at fashion and textiles exhibitions, improve our knowledge, broaden our horizons and enjoy ourselves! Luckily, there’s a great exhibition offering for 2018…

Photo of textile designs by Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely image,

This list isn’t exhaustive, there are many tantalising exhibitions on in Europe and America this year too, and more still in the UK I haven’t included here.  Let this be a starting point, a wish list, to help us on our way to celebrate the craft and design of fashion and textiles in 2018.


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