Blogging for Creatives

I’d been looking at Blogging for Creatives online for a while and was unsure whether to buy it. Then I came across it in The Tate Modern bookshop, and couldn’t put it down! I bought it and devoured it on the train back to Bath, while making notes about things to look up online or come back to later.

Aside from being a visually appealing book (it’s very well laid out and attractive), it has great content.

Blogging for Creatives, by Robin Houghton

Blogging for Creatives, by Robin Houghton

The book starts off with the standard things you need to know about setting up a blog (for the complete beginner), and then moves into more detailed/technical elements for the more advanced blogger.  The author, Robin Houghton, discusses the pros and cons of different platforms in turn.

It was reassuring to find that my blog was well set up and I’d followed many of this book’s recommendations by default, although there were one or two things I felt I could tidy up too.

I particularly like the section on ideas for blog posts.   I tend to plan my posts in advance and they’re usually based on my current work or upcoming shows.  It was good to get ideas for other posts that are faster to write and could engage the reader in a different way.

The one criticism I have about this book is that you really need to read it with access to the internet.  There are so many online examples, step-by-step guides and suggestions of other blogs to look at that it’s almost easier to look them up as you go rather than come back to them later.  Although, if you’re anything like me, this leads to getting distracted…

Reading this book I saw a visually appealing document, I heard the informal but educational tone and I felt motivated.  I wanted to go and work on my blog, immediately!

I paid £12.99 for this book at The Tate Modern bookshop (London).


I’m back!

After taking a few months off, I’m back in the UK and ready to start knitting and blogging regularly again.

Finishing my final project towards my MA at the end of last year was a lot of hard work, at the end of a very long and hard year of work!  I needed to take some time off to relax, to rest and to rejuvenate so I can continue to be creative and pursue this new career and lifestyle I’m cultivating.

I have been knitting, although this is for more therapeutic purposes.  To me, knitting is a bit like meditation… the repetition of creating stitch after stitch helps to clear my mind and focus it.  The items I’ve been creating have mostly been stash busters*, with the process of creating being more important than the final design.  Now, I’m looking forward to the exhibitions I’ve got coming up, and creating some new pieces.


*Stash busters are items created using yarn in your “stash”; you generally bought the yarn on a whim or for a project that is no longer going ahead.