Lost in Lace

A group of students from my MA year group travelled to Birmingham to see the exhibition Lost in Lace.  Curator Lesley Millar MBE, Professor of Textile Culture at University for the Creative Arts, describes the exhibition…

“In this exhibition I have asked an international group of artists, makers, and designers to move beyond their usual margins of practice. My challenge was: how to shape the perception of the potentially radical relationship between the structure of lace networks and architectural space? Their responses have been to question the ways in which we move through space and the nature of boundaries and thresholds. With no defined narrative path through the exhibition, visitors will be encouraged to confront the same questions, as they are invited to move freely within, through and around the works.”

A few of my favourite pieces within the exhibition are shown below.


“Cosmos series” by Naomi Kobayashi


“Lacing Space” by Piper Shepard


“Black Lace” by Kathleen Rogers


“Line” by Diana Harrison


“Line” by Diana Harrison


“Juxtaposition” by Suzumi Noda


“Juxtaposition” by Suzumi Noda


“Juxtaposition” by Suzumi Noda


“Juxtaposition” by Suzumi Noda


“Tanabata Lace” by Reiko Sudo


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