It’s taken me a while to actually put down in words what my manifesto is, although I have probably been aware of it for a long time…

I like making things that are pretty, that illicit positive comments and that people covet.  I like to make useful things though; things that people will want to use and enjoy.  I don’t expect that the items will be used everyday, but to have a lifetime over a number of years, favourite things that people come back to time and time again.

The process of how the items are made is very important as well; I need to enjoy making the item.  I believe this enjoyment becomes part of the hand aesthetic that draws people to the product.  The three key processes I currently employ are knit, stitch and heat transfer.

I believe there is also an unofficial manifesto for design students around the world; it’s certainly been true at the various institutions I’ve studied at:

  1. You will make things that are oversized and difficult to transport
  2. You will use all manner of materials available to you
  3. Your studio will be situated at the top of a very steep hill (making 1 and 2 above even more cumbersome)

However, I now have my own manifesto and will enjoy bringing it to life.  It’s not too far from the famous quote by William Morris, I do believe he was onto something…

William Morris quote


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